Another Win for Online Training

The internet has transformed how we find, utilize, and dessimate information. For businesses and other organizations, the internet has provided a way to simplify a once expensive and time consuming process: training. Online services have the potential to streamline this resource-draining and time-consuming essential.

With the abundance of free and fee-based video services offered online, there comes one important caveat: a lack of organization. This is not to say that tutorial videos on services like YouTube are not helpful and important to the ever-evolving way people search for information online, but for a company that wants to develop and engage their learners, relying on them simply viewing videos online is not sufficient for a complete training experience.

Tracking and organizing results

While YouTube currently offers tools to track overall viewership and some viewing habits, they don’t offer any means to insure that the information being consumed is being retained. For a truly immersive learning experience, trainers want to be able to create the proper ecosystem for the learner to blossom and achieve success. Organizations want the ability to track results using tests and surveys in order to more fully engage their learners and improve their organization. Trainers can offer incentives, such as certificates of completion, to their learners as a way to maintain a personable line of interaction between them and their learners.

Compatibility with other services

For companies that use one of the many web conferencing services on the market, they often find themselves wishing for a way to offer their recorded meetings as a convenient and flexible learning opportunity. Some services offer seamless compatibility with existing services, such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom, among others. It is vital for companies to be able to offer a way to use videos hosted on platforms like Google Drive, Vimeo, Box, etc.. For trainers, the ability to create courses easily around existing videos, and different platforms, is truly essential to providing an effective learning experience.

Monetize and uniquely brand your LMS

Many companies are hungrily seeking a way to offer learners a unitary learning service. Often, learners must scour several different learning services, each with its own different branding and operating system. For trainers, this is equally frustrating since they also have to deal with a multitude of different programs to paint one complete picture. For a company that wants to truly maximize productivity and reduce in-house training costs, the answer lies on one service that offers the ability to easily customize and uniquely brand the learning experience. For those organizations or individuals wishing to monetize their tutorials, an LMS that allows an easy and hassle-free way to collect payment, without having to utilize an outside source, is essential.

We have definitely come a long way from sitting in all-day training sessions and spending enormous amounts of money to train any large number of learners. It is an ever-evolving landscape that requires a service that can keep up with upcoming technology and still deliver a seamless learning experience. With Click 4 Course you can sell and track your video courses, add tests and track progress, and make web meetings interactive all from your own self-branded website! Set it up in a matter of minutes and see for yourself how easy it can be to effectively reach your learners in a whole new way.