Using Powerpoint for Online Training

Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day. Over 6 million teachers around the world use PowerPoint for classroom lectures. Why is PowerPoint used by more than 500 million people?

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s installed on the majority of the computers used in business today
  • It’s great for quickly creating and presenting information in a visual way

How can you make PowerPoint and even more powerful tool for online training?

  • Know who has viewed your deck and if they retained the information
  • Share the content of your slides without allowing your learners to download the file
  • Add interactive tests or surveys for your learners to take

Click 4 Course ( is the most PowerPoint friendly system for online trainers to offer and track courses.  Just upload, add your tests in our platform, invite your learners, and get instant results!  We will also create your own branded site where your learners can go to take their courses (you can even charge for your courses).

Stop attaching your PowerPoint decks to an email and sending it to your learners with the hope they’ll view it and understand it.  Use that same PowerPoint deck with Click 4 Course and turn it into an interactive online course!