YouTube Vs Click 4 Course For Your Video Learning Management System

YouTube vs C4C

Are you searching for an effective way to promote and sell your educational videos? If you’ve been posting clips on YouTube and you haven’t enjoyed a great deal of success, there are other options out there. If you’ve got a video learning management system, you may find that Click 4 Course has all the solutions you need to drive sales and get your courses on the map.

Click 4 Course as a video learning management system and/or course selling platform

Learning has evolved over the years, and today, we are exposed to many different techniques and channels. As well as reading books and taking notes, many of us rely on online programs and interactive learning methods to progress in this day and age. Humans respond well to visual content, and video clips can be an extremely effective way of improving knowledge retention and making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable. The trouble with trying to sell videos online is trying to make waves with your content. If you’re posting on YouTube and hoping for the best, you’ll be competing with thousands, even millions of other videos, and it can be difficult to establish your presence in this multi-million dollar industry. As well as dealing with growing competition, there are also practicalities that can make it difficult to put compelling content together and market it in an effective way.

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Click 4 Course can help you by creating your own custom branded learning portal site, track the progress of your videos, analyze sales and easily charge for your courses without needing your own merchant account.

Video Learning Management System

A branded site and customized content

Your branded site displays a list of courses containing your videos. You are in charge of creating unique content, which is made up of tests and surveys, informative clips and a range of different question types. You can use any length or format of videos from an uploaded file, or embedded video from a hosted service. When you create tests and surveys, you can put them together according to what you want to achieve from that test and your preferred evaluation techniques. Your content is branded, which means that every video should be recognizable. Building a brand is all about selling a message and showing people what you’re all about, and putting out branded content is a huge advantage for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Notifications, tracking and reporting

You can access reports that give you information about the efficacy of your video courses, along with test and survey results. You can monitor the progress of individual learners or groups of learners, and you can also view information about how well your video courses are doing. You can track the progress of your content in real time, you can see how popular different videos are, and you can access performance reports at the click of a button. Reports and analytics may show you that some videos are doing better than others, and this can help you to improve the content going forward. You can determine what’s working and quickly identify changes that could prove beneficial. The Click 4 Course platform provides you with notifications to show you who is using the videos and it also gives you access to user feedback. Feedback is incredibly valuable, as it gives you an insight into what people think about your content and how it could be improved. Both positive and negative feedback can help you improve the quality and accessibility of your videos.

Registration and administration

Video Learning Management System with built in ecommerce

Registration can be customized so you can obtain the information you want and need from your learners before they access your online video courses. You can have a site up and running in minutes, and start offering and/or selling courses immediately. If you need help with creating content, Click 4 Course also offers services for content development, content enhancement, or just simple advice to make your existing content more attractive. Be sure to compare Click 4 Course with Teachable vs Thinkific. Once your site is ready, you have control of the content via a range of administrative features, which enable you to make changes on the go. If you’re part of an organization, anyone with authorised access can enjoy the same benefits, and you can provide that access to multiple administrators.

Built-in ecommerce

If you’re trying to sell videos on YouTube, you may find that it’s difficult to monetize the videos. WIth our built-in e-commerce, you don’t need to use a range of different payment tools and gateways to integrate, or worry about trying to manage the system independently. You can take advantage of a system that takes care of every aspect of the process and offers built-in e-commerce features like discount codes and payment tracking. All of this and more on a secure, encrypted, all-in-one platform to get your courses launched with very little time and effort from you.