Using Recordings from Video and Web Conferencing Tools for Online Training

Today’s video and web conferencing technologies provide businesses with a reliable way to capture and repurpose important training materials and create online training courses from recordings. With so many different web conferencing and video training options available, you’re probably using more than one, if not five or six, online conferencing companies to help you record and manage your video content.

If you’re logging in and out of too many accounts and looking for a way to simplify the process of managing all of your conferencing and instructional content, you aren’t alone. Smart business people are on the lookout for an easy to use online video management product that isn’t expensive and provides a friendly way to link videos together.

Designing an online instructional program can help reduce education and travel costs and accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Ideally you want your employees to be able to use any desktop or mobile device to meet your company’s certification requirements. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine your existing Webex, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Zoom, WebEx, and other recordings for training purposes?

What Types of Recordings Can Be Used for Online Training?

There are a lot of options to work with when you choose to use video and audio recordings to build online training courses. When you can easily combine varying file types to create proprietary content, you’ll be generating the dynamic learning experiences viewers remember.

Here are just a few of the video/audio options marketing and training departments are using to build successful courses:

  • Company training
  • Video tutorials
  • Conference calls
  • Sales demos
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Podcasts
  • Product updates
  • Demonstrations

Instead of sending someone a link to a single video, storing all of your recordings in one place makes it easier to share groups of videos using one link. And it provides a shortcut that lets you easily keep track of your videos and create courses by combining your files in any order you want.

Where to Host Video Recordings

Whether you’re building a knowledge resource for employees or a learning system that certifies students on specific methods or information, having a central location to host your videos can provide you with ultimate control over the education process.

Managing all of your previously recorded training sessions, tutorials, and demos using Click 4 Course has a lot of advantages. Not only can you quickly send employees and partners to a branded URL, you can run status reports on each learner, and send and receive automated notifications regarding enrollment, testing, and remaining or missed requirements. You’ll know who watched each video by logging into just one account.

Click 4 Course uses a secure online video management interface that safely stores all of your files in an easily accessible website that displays your company’s name and logo.

We can help you upgrade your corporate or small business learning process with our easy to use video content management software program. With a few clicks, you can add your existing video content and set up a log-in portal that lets you track video viewers. And you can add:

  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Custom-branded certificates

Email our team today, and let us know how we can help you build your online training program.