The Benefits of Webinar Recordings

Benefits of Webinar Recordings

Webinar recordings have moved to a highly-used business tool in recent years. The terms ‘webinar,’ ‘web meeting,’ and ‘web conference’ may have once brought confusion if mentioned in a business setting, but now everyone knows what they are and what they can offer. Webinars have achieved a level of mainstream, widespread acceptance that few business tools ever manage– and it’s easy to see why.

The benefits of webinar recordings

Webinars are the perfect format for delivering information to company employees and for business-to-business usage. They allow information to be delivered in a convenient, easily accessible manner. Rather than relying on assembling staff or contacts in the same physical space, webinars allow viewers to obtain the information they need from the comfort of their own sofa– or even a beach in Hawaii if they so choose!

Webinars have become a standard platform for delivering all kinds of business-related information, including:

  • Turnover, accounts, and forecasting information.
  • New developments to the business, its structure, or working practices.
  • Information regarding the future of the business and future aims.
  • Both initial and refresher employee training.
  • Direct interaction, such as question and answer sessions, between the presenter and the viewer. This allows for better company communication and transparency, with employees more likely to ask questions via the webinar format than in person.

So there’s no denying that webinars are incredibly useful to modern business usage– however, they do have a downside.

The biggest issue facing webinars

The single most damaging issue with webinars is similar to the problem of standard, in-person seminars: viewers have to be in place to watch at a specific time. Employees and contacts have to sit at a specific time, and give their attention over to the webinar for the duration of the presentation.

Webinar Meeting

In modern companies, this isn’t feasible. If you’re using a webinar to offer refresher training to the entire company, you’re going to find yourself having to run the same webinar repeatedly so as to ensure all employees have the chance to watch. After all, you can’t have every employee of your company downing tools at the exact same time so as to watch a webinar.

Having to give the same presentation multiple times is not time-efficient, and will quickly become tiresome for the presenter too. Thankfully, there is a way to navigate the issue of timing: recording webinars so that employees can watch as it suits them.

Why recording webinars is beneficial

With a recording, there’s no requirement for viewers to align their schedules so they can be in present when the webinar begins and having to ensure their attention is firmly trained on the webinar for the duration. Instead, webinar recordings can be watched as is convenient. The information is still presented accurately, all of the benefits of a webinar are still apparent, but there’s no need for the time restrictions that can otherwise be problematic.

Of course, the idea of recording webinars is not a particularly novel one. However, at Click 4 Course, we have put together a professional webinar recording package that can ensure the best quality and usability is always achieved.

Here is an overview of the functions that our recorded webinars provide:

The standard method of recording a webinar is to save the finished video and distribute a link to this video. This is a messy method, which is why we provide a dedicated site for all recorded webinars. This site not only hosts the most recent webinar, but also provides a full history of other presentations, dating back as far as you feel is relevant.

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As we provide a dedicated site to host your webinars, you also have more control over who views each webinar. Rather than just having to hope that employees will click a link to a webinar video and watch the presentation, our software allows you to track view numbers and profiles of those who have watched the presentation. This ensures you are always aware of who has watched the webinar, as well as details for those who need an additional nudge to ensure they get themselves up to speed.

You can also use the dedicated site to host certificates of completion. This is particularly useful for webinars that provide training, as you can track an employee through the system. You can monitor whether they have watched the required webinar, and if they have, issue a certificate to acknowledge this.

You can also use the site to perform tests on the subject matter of the webinar. For example, if you provide a webinar on the subject of health and safety in the workplace, an employee just watching this webinar may not be sufficient– you need to ensure that the information has been retained. It is therefore helpful for employees to be directed to a test following their view of the webinar, where their new knowledge can be measured and certified as complete.

As you can see, the recording of webinars is just the beginning– there’s so much more you can do with your webinars so as to enhance your business. Taking advantage of all of these additional tools ensures that the time you spend creating a webinar is always going to be good value. Not only can you be sure that the information is correct, but also that your employees have seen the webinar and obtained proof of their newfound knowledge. You therefore have a method of delivering a large volume of information in a simple, convenient method that is beneficial to both your staff and your own resources.

Additional options

Webinars for staff may be the most common usage, but you may also want to provide webinars for customers or business-to-business associates. With Click 4 Course, this is simple to do; you can tailor your webinars to the applicable audience, and allow people to view relevant information without being constrained to a live broadcast. The on-site branding and customization helps to reinforce your business’ professionalism as well as enhancing your customer and associate care work.

In Conclusion

Recording a webinar, and using all of the additional resources available from Click 4 Course, is an excellent way of ensuring the spread of quality information in a convenient, reliable manner.