Frequently Asked Question’s

    • What is an Active Learner?
      Active Learners are those who can actively login and take their courses on your Click 4 Course site.


    • What is an Inactive Learner?
      Inactive Learners are still in your Manager Learners section for your admin reporting purposes, but cannot they cannot actively login and take a course. You can have an UNLIMITED amount of Inactive Learners. Active Learners can also be automatically (or manually) moved to Inactive Learner status after taking courses.


    • Is there a long-term contract?
      No, Click 4 Course can be used and billed month to month, or pre-paid annually for an additional discount


    • How do I sell my online courses?
      We support PayPal and Stripe, and have done all the integration work for you. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions to connect your account, and you’ll be collecting your online course payments immediately!


    • Can I offer some free courses on my site?
      Yes, many of our customers offer “introduction” and other courses for free. At least half of your courses need to have a fee for this plan.


    • How do I receive the revenue from the courses I sell?
      We can either send your payment by check, or sent up an e-payment.


    • Is there a minimum fee I can charge for each course?
      Yes, in order to earn your commission for a course, the minimum course fee is $10


    • What are the payment methods that can be used by the learners?
      Any major credit card can be used (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover).