Frequently Asked Question’s

    • What is an Active Learner?
      A learner who has an active login to your site and can take a course. An administrative setting allows you to easily change them from on to the other.


    • What is an Inactive Learner?
      A learner who is still in your system for reporting and tracking purposes, but cannot take a course (you can have an unlimited amount of Inactive Learners).


    • Is there a long-term contract?
      No, Click 4 Course is a month to month service, billed monthly.


    • If I’m selling courses, do I need to get a merchant account or PayPal?
      No, we handle the entire transaction, then send you the revenue (minus 10%).


    • Can I offer some free courses on my site?
      Yes, many of our customers offer “introduction” and other courses for free. At least half of your courses need to have a fee for this plan.


    • How do I receive the revenue from the courses I sell?
      We can either send your payment by check, or sent up an e-payment.


    • Is there a minimum fee I can charge for each course?
      Yes, in order to earn your commission for a course, the minimum course fee is $10


    • What are the payment methods that can be used by the learners?
      Any major credit card can be used (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover).