How Selling Online Courses Can Help You Build Your Business

As a small business owner, you’re knowledgeable about many topics, and you’ve got years of experience that others can benefit from. But you’re only sharing your information with a handful of people. You want to increase your customer list and bring in more revenue. What do you do? Create online courses and sell them to a larger audience.

If you’re like most business people, you’ve got a stack of slide presentations, videos, and documents you’ve been using to help you train and inform customers. Have you thought about turning them into online courses that teach others what you know?

Why Online Courses?

Online learning products are a fast way to teach just about any topic. Each course you sell provides the learner with reliable content they can return to whenever they need to review or relearn a subject or task. Click4Course has created a system that provides you with an easy way to make money selling video courses.

Creating courses isn’t a new idea, but building them online where millions of viewers can buy them is. Getting started is simple to do. With Click4Course, you can upload your existing files and videos and turn them into viable courses that others want to purchase. We offer an easy way to sell courses online.

Create a Course in Under Four Minutes

Click 4 Course can help you create and sell online courses without requiring you to spend hours on additional software training, or reformatting files. We make it easy for you to sell courses online. If you can attach a file to an email, you’ll be able to use videos, PowerPoint content and other file types to successfully build courses.

Here are some other ways to create courses to sell. You can turn videos into online courses and monetize YouTube videos that you’ve already created. Audio files and PDF files are also usable for course content or handouts. With our system, you canyou’re your PowerPoint content to turn into online courses to sell. You’ll be able to add tests to videos, track and manage learners, and set your own price for the courses you create.

Can I Charge for My Video Courses?

Absolutely you can, and getting started is simple to do. If you’ve already got a YouTube channel, you can further monetize those YouTube videos by packaging and selling them as a class. You can sell your video courses directly from the branded website Click 4 Course provides for you. And, you can add additional documents and PowerPoint content to sell courses and engage learners from around the world. You can include discounts to specific learners or groups. We handle your payment process so you don’t need your own merchant account.

How To Sell Online Courses

Once you’ve uploaded your files and arranged them into the courses you’d like to offer, you’ll want to decide on a price for each course and then start selling. You’re now the proud owner of a series of classes that are easy to purchase and consume. You just need to let others know about your courses and where to purchase them.

Use these ideas to get started selling:

  • Let your existing customers know about your online courses. People love to help the businesses they support, so find ways to inform them about your latest products. Use email, word of mouth, and links on your business websites and directory accounts.
  • Setup Facebook ads.Send prospects to your branded Click 4 Course website with an attention getting ad that targets a specific audience.
  • Sell via your Facebook business page.If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s time to create one. Whether you’re a trainer, a bookkeeper, or a massage therapist, a Facebook business page is an excellent (and free) way to create an interested community around your particular skills.
  • Create a direct link to your Click 4 Course page.Use this direct link as often as you can. Use a URL shortening site such as or to personalize the link and track clicks. Many of our customers simply put an “Online Training” link on their own website, which directs their customers to their Click 4 Course site, which is similarly branded.
  • Use Google, Yahoo, or Bing ads to boost traffic and sales.Your ad will show up when certain search words are used.
  • Use social media to announce your new classes.Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are great places to place links back to your classes.

You can find out more about how we turn videos into online courses and monetize YouTube videos by visiting our sign-up page for a free 30-day trial. No credit card required. We can answer all the questions you have, such as “What payment methods can be used?” and “How do I get paid?”