Sell Videos Online

Online training environments today are radically different to the training environments of the past. Thanks to increased bandwidth, businesses and other trainers are increasingly able to use multimedia technologies like videos to entertain and engage learners. The problem, however, is that selling videos online and establishing yourself as a part of the $50bn+ online education industry can be difficult. Just organizing your content and finding a single platform that will handle all of your needs is challenging in itself.

The problems facing many trying to sell educational videos online are many. They want to be able to create, offer, track and sell videos online, but they need different apps for all of those functions. They need an app to build their video, another to post it so that people can buy it, another to track its success and ultimately a channel through which to sell it to the people who need it. Working across multiple platforms is a time-consuming and complicated process. Surely there’s an easier way?

Selling Online Videos

Fortunately, the process of selling videos online is becoming much easier, thanks to services like Click 4 Course.

The first thing you’re able to do on these platforms is to create your video course content. Having a central hub not only allows you to create high-quality videos but also provides active support to make course content that sells. Making quality videos is difficult, and so working with a platform that can offer expert guidance is essential.

Second, you want a system that allows you to start selling your video content quickly. Again, Click 4 Course can help here too. All you need to do is upload your videos, along with any other media, and Click 4 Course will do the rest, creating instant, paced courses designed to help learners get the most out of your course, no matter what device they use. Your site could be up in a matter of minutes, giving you the opportunity to sell videos online, all completely integrated into your brand colors, images, and logos.

Once your videos go live, being a member of a platform like Click 4 Course has other benefits too. Among them is the ability to track the performance of your videos views in real time. You get the capacity to view individual learner reports, check out how learners are responding to tests and surveys, and view recent activity to see whether your videos are performing as well as you want. With a full suite of analytics tools, you’re able to quickly analyze which video courses are performing the best and how others need to be improved.

Not sure how to make a video better? No problem! Click 4 Courses offers a high level of unlimited support by phone and email, from uploading to amending to publishing your video content.

You also get many administrative privileges as well as help with the branding of your video, making it instantly recognizable. With the aid of administrator rights, you’re able to make changes to your video on the fly. Furthermore, thanks to unlimited administrator access, anybody in your organization can do the same, making changes as they see fit, spreading the workload quickly and efficiently between multiple users.

Consolidate Video Creation Pipeline Into A Single, Multi-User Application

Building video courses on an organizational level is currently a logistical nightmare. Your team is probably using a whole raft of apps, including Magix, VideoMaker FX, Adobe Premiere, as well as many others. What’s more, many of these apps don’t link up well together, making the process far more involved. Wouldn’t it be great if there was just a single application that you and your employees could access, no matter what part of the process of selling videos online they were involved in?

Well, thanks to Click 4 Course, that’s now possible. Not only does the platform offer a range of tools to create videos, but it also integrates the rest of the product pipeline – everything from administration to notifications to user feedback. As an online trainer, this dramatically simplifies your business model and reduces your overhead. There’s no longer a need to have long meetings to figure out how to integrate a bunch of different reporting and quality assurance apps – it’s all included in the package.

The Bottom Line

Smart businesses are looking for a solution that will enable them to sell videos online in a way that integrates all parts of the process. With competition heating up in the online learning space, businesses need newer and more efficient ways of operating. Fortunately, we can help your small business sell more training videos online thanks to our easy-to-use system.

Get in touch with us today, and sell more videos online.