Selling Continuing Education Courses

Selling Continuing Education Courses Online

Creating high quality online training courses so that you can offer training certificates has not always been an easy task. Now, Click 4 Course has revolutionized the process so that everyone can create and sell/offer continuing education courses, with all of the features needed to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible, while meeting requirements from your state or other entities. There are several features that a course creator can take advantage of, and learners find Click 4 Course courses easy to use. Read on to learn more.

More About Click 4 Course

Click 4 Course is available for everyone to create online courses and sell or offer Continuing Education (CE) courses. You can use the site and its features to easily create, offer, and track online CE courses. The features allow you to track the progress of learners, and even make sure that they take appropriate prerequisite courses. If you’re unsure whether Click 4 Course could be beneficial to you, there’s a 30 day free trial offer, and no credit card is required. There are simple pricing options; a per learner plan, for instance, or you can potentially sell your online CE course to unlimited learners if you would prefer.

Click 4 Course ensure a focus on offering key features without the unnecessary clutter. You can organize your courses into categories, choose the price you charge your learners, and use your own content, including videos, PowerPoint decks, and other documents. Your course will then be made available on any device, anywhere.

Here are some additional features Click 4 Course offers to help you make sure your course offerings are successful, and you’re able to meet all requirements to offer Continuing Education Courses online.

Putting time frame limits on completing a course

You can set an end date for your learners to complete the course. Sometimes this is necessary to ensure that the course is completed in time and that the learner fully understands what they have learned in the course.

Requiring prerequisite courses

With Click 4 Course, you are able to take a learner down the appropriate course path by requiring that certain courses are to be taken before others. This can be really important if you have a beginners course and an advanced course, for example. Some may think they should skip beginner and go on to advanced right away, but this ensures that the learner fully understands the course material before moving on.

Making sure a learner watches the entire video

Making sure a learner watches the entire video
Making sure a learner watches the entire video
Implementing videos for your online courses helps to enhance them and get the course material across much more effectively. However, there will always be people who want to skip through these. With Click 4 Course, you are able to make sure that a learner is watching entire videos and not simply skipping them in order to move on quickly. None of your hard work will go to waste and this feature ensures that each learner takes the course as it should be taken.

Setting the number of times a learner can take a course

In some cases it may be necessary to set the number of times a learner can take a course. Click 4 Course allows you to do this.

Randomizing test questions

If the answers to a test were in the same order every time we did it, it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out the answers eventually, even if we hadn’t actually memorized them. Click 4 Course will mix up the order for each time your learners take a test, so that they are forced to actually remember the answers rather than remember a clicking pattern.

Requiring a minimum test score

Click 4 Course allows you to set passing score percentages for each test, and choose to show/hide correct answers.

Customized certificates

With Click 4 Course, you are able to customize the learner completion certificates with images, text, and your course details. Your learners will be able to download and print their certificates upon completion, so that they have them to display and show to others, just as they would if they had done a physical course. The course certificate is often one of the most important things to a learner, so this is an important feature included with the Click 4 Course Learning Management System (LMS).

Track learner’s progress/completion

You are able to get a well rounded view of all of your learners with Click 4 Course. You can run and download full reports of your learner’s progress in their courses. You can see the courses taken and completed, as well as details from individual questions and answers. You are also able to view a timeline of recent activity by day, week, month or all time. This can give you a better idea of who is excelling, and who may need more time or additional help.

Require registration and login

Require registration and login
Require registration and login
Click 4 Course allows you to create customized questions and fields based on the information you would like to receive when a learner registers for your course. This tells you all you need to know about your learners in a personalized way that suits you and the course material. When you have a better idea of who your learners are, you will get a better idea of who you are creating your courses for, and will be able to better target them in the future.

Along with all of the above features, you can bulk upload learners, create learner groups, and automatically enroll learners into courses. With the right features designed to minimize hassle on your part, you can’t go wrong by using Click 4 Course to create your CE courses. Click 4 Course often accommodates requests with customization of additional features that are specific to certain industries or regulations by governing bodies to ensure compliance with course time limits and deadlines. This can be a major advantage to your course offerings which may require oversight and compliance features not offered with other learning management systems. Take advantage of the 30 day free trial and begin uploading course content today to see if Click 4 Course is the perfect solution for you.