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About Boss Builders

At Boss Builders, we partner with you to turn your managers and supervisors into great bosses, the ones who get the job done AND have the respect and admiration of their direct reports!


Click 4 Course Q&A with Boss Builders


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Can you tell us about your company and the products and services you offer?

Boss Builders partners with companies to turn managers and supervisors into great bosses.


Why did you decide to offer online courses?

Most managers don’t have time for long training sessions to learn how to be a great boss. Online courses offer an effective way to learn new skills. After watching each phase of our online courses (there are 3 phases), we meet to review the courses they’ve watched, helping apply their new skills to real-life situations.


Why did you choose Click 4 Course as your partner?

Ease of use. Click 4 Course is simple to use and easy in its design. I was able to upload courses and invite learners to watch our videos quickly. It’s also easy to see where the learners are in the program and track their progress.


What do you like most about Click 4 Course?

Ease of use prompt assistance. While it was easy to upload things, there are always questions. All of my questions were answered promptly and we were using the Click 4 Course online training site immediately. Highly recommended!