Dental Insurance Training Plus

About Dental Insurance Training Plus:

We provide training and development in dental practice management for dentists, dental spouses, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and newbies to the dental profession. We specialize in online training in dental insurance and accounts receivable control, although our scope of training also includes assistance in past due insurance claims, personalized coaching, and training in successful collections techniques to avoid past due receivables.


Click 4 Course Q&A with Dental Insurance Training Plus:


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Why did you decide to offer online courses?

We decided to offer online courses because we have found it is the most convenient and effective way for our students to learn in today’s busy world.


Why did you choose Click 4 Course as your partner?

We chose Click 4 Course as our partner because their LMS platform is easy to use and also offers the ability to use Microsoft Powerpoint and video to help make our online courses more effective for our students. In addition to the fact that Click 4 Course is so easy to use, I am very impressed with the personal support and caring customer service that I have experienced since I began using their platform. They are caring and very knowledgeable about the online learning process, and always ready to help. Their response time is prompt, unlike other platforms I have used. They really excel in customer service. I highly recommend them!