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Can you tell us about your company and the products and services you offer?

We provide state approved training for people looking to become a notary in the state of California.


Why did you decide to offer online courses?

I looked at becoming a notary and found that the process for getting a license was unclear and not very helpful. I ultimately found an online course but realized there were not many good options available and that someone should create a better course for becoming a notary.


Why did you choose Click 4 Course as your partner?

Click 4 Course has great features and great service. They take care of product features like payment processing that would cost us thousands of dollars to integrate into our system.


What do you like most about Click 4 Course?

I love that Click 4 Course makes it really simple to provide the notary curriculum to our users. Because of Click 4 Course, our service has helped thousands of people to pass their notary exam.