University of Illinois, College of Nursing

About Pathways to Community Living in Illinois

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The University of Illinois, College of Nursing, Pathways to Community Living in Illinois offers training and quality management to community-based care coordinators. The program was developed under the Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration, and relies on a strong collaborative, inter-agency approach to the implementation of the program.


Why did you decide to offer online courses?

Offering live webinar training was taking too much time when considering the variable rate of staff turn-over. Each time a new staff person was hired they needed training and it became necessary to have an option for immediate online training available in a self-paced, on-demand format.

Why did you choose Click 4 Course as your partner?

Click 4 Course is very cost-effective compared to other researched Learning Management System options and our specific needs and requirements for online courses. The ability to offer quizzes and tests that track not only the learner’s comprehension but also, that the trainee completed the course, were features that we really needed to make our online training program a success.