The Essential Components of Any Training Management System

Training Management System

If you’re going to effectively and efficiently provide a training course, then investing in a good Training Management System (TMS) is essential. Let’s look deeper into what a TMS is, how you can use one to benefit both you and your employees, and the advantages that TMSs offer to businesses. This is an essential read for any company that provides training to employees.

Understanding what a TMS is

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Essentially, a TMS is a way of managing the training that you provide to employees. It is usually used as part of instructor-led training, and comprises first and foremost of all the information required to complete this course. A TMS is where you store all of your course materials and information; this includes everything required to effectively train your employees, including text, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. Your TMS is entirely responsible for providing the material that employees will use to learn from.

Furthermore, TMSs are also the most effective method of collecting data and information about those who undertake the course. Rather than having to hold all this disparate information in separate files, a TMS brings the entire training picture together and provides a thorough, reliable overview of the entire training process for each individual. Not only does this allow for better management, but also allows you to generate personalized completion certificates, as well as offer extra help to any employees who may be struggling to complete assigned modules.

What you need from a TMS

In some ways, your requirements of a TMS are no different to any other piece of software. You will want:
Your TMS to be fast, accurate, and reliable. Dealing with software hitches hugely impedes the ability to train staff quickly and effectively, so you need your TMS to be able to keep up with your demands.

  • Your TMS needs to have a good user interface, so you can use it efficiently and intuitively.
  • Your TMS needs to meet your individual business needs.

The Click 4 Course TMS offer all of these basic requirements, but we also ensure that our TMS…
Have the ability to be updated instantaneously. This ensures that you can be confident that the training information you are providing is up-to-date and as accurate as possible, giving you full control of the entire learning process.

Are completely customizable. You have absolute control over every aspect of the online training courses that you provide; there’s no wasted information, no filler, no content that isn’t particularly applicable to your company and employees.

Our TMSs look to satisfy all of the above basic requirements, offering full control, customization, and ease of use to your company. However, it’s not just the basics that you should expect from your TMS– read on to find out some of the additional functions you’re going to want.

Additional features

Training Management Systems

The above points are the essentials; the components without which your TMS is not going to be able to function as you need it to. However, a good TMS — such as those we offer at Click 4 Course — can’t just be functional, satisfying the absolute bare minimum. We seek to go above and beyond, ensuring that we provide the most useful TMS imaginable, so we also include features such as:

  • Tests
    A training course is useful, but you have to know that the information you have provided has been acknowledged and used. Accurate testing is the best way to ascertain whether or not employees have retained the information that they have learned. Your TMS should allow for regular testing, grading, and certification of completion for the employees who score sufficiently to pass. Our TMS allows you to set a passing score, so you can always be confident that the information provided has been sufficiently absorbed by the learner.

  • Surveys
    It can be helpful to know what your employees think of the information they have been using. For example, a survey completed by an employee could identify an issue with the information provided. You can learn of this issue by reading the survey, then modify the information thanks to the instantaneous customization option.

  • Learner Tracking
    Learner tracking allows you to measure the progress of those completing the training course. This allows you to identify employees who might be in need of more assistance, as well as note those who appear to be breezing through the information with ease. It is useful to know how a learner is progressing, the points where they stumble, and identify areas in which they excel; this allows you to accurately gauge the learning potential of your staff in the future.

  • Certificates of Completion
    Not only do learners like to receive a formal recognition of their newfound knowledge, but it may also be essential for your business to have certificates of completion for compliance and insurance reasons. Click 4 Course TMSs can produce personalized, individual certificates that clearly display the knowledge that the learner has obtained.

  • Learner Groups
    A business is comprised of many different members of staff, who all require on-the-job training that is specific to their role within the company. Your accounting staff, for example, will require different training courses than those who work in your PR department. Our TMS allows you to create specific learner groups, so staff only see the courses that are relevant to their area of the business.

  • Individual or Group Messaging
    Being able to communicate with learners, or have learners communicate with one another, within the TMS structure itself is hugely beneficial. Issues can quickly be resolved, help provided if a learner requires it, or learners who are all in the same group can work together to enhance the learning process for themselves. Our TMS allows for one-on-one messaging as well as group settings, along with a simple notification system.

In Conclusion

A good TMS is an essential if you provide training courses in your business. A TMS is a workhorse that can bring information together and allow full control of the learning experience, enhancing the process for learners and simplifying the administration for yourself.