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Corporate Training Options

Every business will, at some point, need to provide staff training. Most commonly, this training is provided in-person; employees gathered in a room, listening to a presentation, learning everything they need to know.

While the above may be the established method of training staff, it is far from the most convenient. In fact, now we’re well into the Digital Age, online methods are far preferable when it comes to corporate training. Out with the old methods and in with the new, especially given the new method of online training offers so many benefits.

Online Corporate Training Online

Easy learner tracking, so you always know who has completed what and who still needs to undertake the training. The record of attendance and completion is permanent and held in one place with a single point of access.

Customized completion certificates when the course has concluded. This is particularly helpful for industries where government legislation insists that staff be trained to a certain level of competence.
The ability to organize tests for learners, so you can grade their progress and provide extra assistance where required.

You may have read through the above and thought: “well, I can do that with in-person training too…”. To an extent, you can; you can keep records, diaries, issue tests in hard copy– but there’s no doubt this process is incredibly time-consuming. You also have to set aside at least one member of staff who is tasked with the job of instructing new learners, which distracts that staff member from their usual duties.

With online corporate training, the process is seamless, self-contained within a training management system. As a result of this single-point access and management, you have absolute control over every single stage of the training process. Furthermore, there’s no need for anything other than light monitoring of staff who are working through an online process– they can be left to their own devices, avoiding the need to command the time of an instructor.

As a result of these advantages, it’s easy to see that online training is simple, easy, effective, and stress-free. It’s the best choice for your business for a variety of applications, too. Online training can be used for a multitude of different tasks, such as:

New Employee Training

When you hire new staff, you need to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. By opting for online employee training, you can ensure that all new members of staff receive clear, concise information without the need for long days spent in meetings. With the testing and grading facilities offered by online training systems such as those we at Click 4 Course provide, you can be confident that a new employee has learned all they should before they begin their role full-time.

Online Corporate Training

Mandatory Education

Some industries have mandatory education requirements, such as health and safety requirements in construction industries. If this applies to your business, you have to be 100 percent certain of compliance from all employees, or you run the risk of literally breaking the law. An online training programme to ensure all mandatory training has been achieved, scored, and certifications issued is the most secure way of complying with all government legislation. You can also be sure that all the compliance information you need is right there in the management system should you be required to produce evidence of mandatory training. Click 4 Course offers custom certificates for online course completion.

New Policies

Companies change all the time; new procedures are implemented, new business ventures started, and rules regarding staff requirements can develop. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that any new policies or changes are communicated to all staff in the most effective, reliable method possible. Online corporate training allows you to spread news quickly and efficiently, helping to keep all staff on the same page and halting the potential for disinformation. You can be sure new policies have been observed and learned from the same source rather than office hearsay, and even test your employees to ensure they understand the changes they will now be working under.

Communicate Anything You Want To Communicate

The above are the most-used applications of online training, but ultimately, you can communicate literally anything you want via online training methods. All of our systems are completely customizable, so you can add, remove, edit, and tinker with your course until you are 100 percent certain that it conveys the information you need to convey.

Equipment Explanations

The need to explain how to use business equipment can be hugely time-consuming to a business, especially if members of staff are being distracted from their own duties so as to assist a confused colleague. With online corporate training, you can eliminate the confusion and produce training materials for all staff that thoroughly explain how every piece of equipment works. If a staff member is confused about how something works, they can refer to the training material rather than distracting a colleague from their work.

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Issue Refreshers

There are times in business when your staff may be in need of a ‘refresher’. This is information that all staff should know, but which it is becoming obvious has slipped from employee memories. For example, the rules regarding expenses or how long a lunch break can be– these are meant to be set in stone, but can slip unless constantly reinforced. With regular online training, you can ensure all staff know the basic expectations regarding their conduct, which should encourage them to abide by the rules at all times.

To Conclude

The Digital Age demands that the workplace moves and changes with the time. Gone are the days of an instructor literally gathering staff around them so they could impart new wisdom. Now, you can use online corporate training to ensure that all staff are as informed as you need them to be, and you can verify via testing and certification that they know what they need to know. Online training is undoubtedly the way forward, and we at Click 4 Course would be delighted to help you embrace this innovative technology for use in your business.