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Corporate Training Options

Corporate Training Online

Every business will, at some point, need to provide staff training. Most commonly, this training is provided in-person; employees gathered in a room, listening to a presentation, learning everything they need to know. While the above may be the established method of training staff, it is far from the most convenient. In fact, now we’re […]

Benefits of Webinar Recordings

The Benefits of Webinar Recordings

Webinar recordings have moved to a highly-used business tool in recent years. The terms ‘webinar,’ ‘web meeting,’ and ‘web conference’ may have once brought confusion if mentioned in a business setting, but now everyone knows what they are and what they can offer. Webinars have achieved a level of mainstream, widespread acceptance that few business […]

Training Management System

The Essential Components of Any Training Management System

If you’re going to effectively and efficiently provide a training course, then investing in a good Training Management System (TMS) is essential. Let’s look deeper into what a TMS is, how you can use one to benefit both you and your employees, and the advantages that TMSs offer to businesses. This is an essential read […]

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